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Academy for Hypnosis

Study with international trainer and speaker

Sharon Waxkirsh

to become a confident therapy practitioner and grow your thriving practice

Sharon Waxkirsh

Founder and director of the¬†Academy for Hypnosis¬†and co-founder of the renowned¬†Institute of Hypnotherapy for Medical and Dental Practice¬†(IHMDP), Sharon is one of the few trainers licenced to teach the works of Gil Boyne's¬†Transforming Therapy‚ĄĘ.¬†Sharon is highly regarded for her training¬†of hundreds of dentists, doctors, surgeons and hypnotherapists around the world, in the use of hypnosis in medical and dental settings.







Specialising in Medical and Dental Applications and Transforming Therapy‚ĄĘ

 Which include hypnoanesthesia and age regression work

The Academy Certification is now open for registration 


Aimed at Medical & Dental Professionals, or Hypnotherapists who what to work in Medical and Dental settings¬†or learn¬†Gil Boyne's¬†Transforming Therapy‚ĄĘ.¬†

This certification program* combines online line video training, mentoring, and practical sessions.

With 200 hours of study*, you will achieve certification with the Academy for Hypnosis and the ACHE**. 

* You must join the Academy Mentoring Group if you wish to study with the Academy for Hypnosis

** A small fee will be incurred for the additional ACHE certification

For more info about the mentoring group

Michael Mezmer
Past President - ACHE

"You are absolutely, without question, in the hands of one of the best practitioners in the world!"


Learn new techniques

Understand about waking suggestion and how it can benefit your practice

New ways to help patients

Sharon shares a story of how she helped a 9-year-old who would not sleep at night

Phobic patients

Understand how you can help patients who are refusing to have treatment

It's all about control

Help your patients take back control of their healing

Practice what you preach

Sharon demonstrates the power of self-hypnosis for handling pain, by having a wisdom tooth extracted without anesthetic. The procedure was performed by Dr. Michael White at his surgery in Wimpole Street.

Watch the full video here