Self Hypnosis Course

Discovering your own potential.

Learn autosuggestion. Learn to reprogram your subconscious to achieve your goals. Experience profound relaxation 

• Improve concentration

• Stress management

• Release limiting fears

• Stop unwanted habits

• Pain control and so much more

The method used on the  self-hypnosis course is simple and effective. Use it to direct your life in any area that you wish.  



Make a difference in your life, do something different - ONLY *$175

Perhaps you are curious about hypnosis. Perhaps you are thinking about training, but want to find out more first. Perhaps you have read plenty of books about it and yet you still don’t know how to use hypnosis practically. You’ve seen it on TV, on stage, in the movies, it looks fascinating and so easy, so there has to be some magic… Right?

Would you like to learn this amazing technique with a highly experienced instructor?

Apply this simple, yet profoundly insightful tool of self-hypnosis to virtually any area of your life to achieve specific personal or business goals, self development, direction, growth, awareness and so much more…

Come learn and be inspired by one of the industry's most experienced hypnotherapists.


* For an investment of only $175 You are receiving 5 hours of tuition for less than a single therapy session.



I have learnt intention is the key, positivity is essential and the mind is powerful.

Nadine Etierrie

Go along to the self-hypnosis classes - it’s fun!

Alex Gordon

Attending this class is a great way to get in touch with your real desires.

Hilary Briggs

I have really enjoyed learning about the self-hypnosis techniques and the correct way of doing it.